The Gentleman and the Sheep

Some would say that I am a computer geek…I have been a software developer for many years…didn’t start out that way. I was heading for a career in psychology….long story….it changed somewhere along the lines.

Lived a fairly traditional¬† life. Did all the right things. Got married, bought a nice house in the suburbs….woke up one day and it was clear…. a change had to be made. Actually, the change was made for me….another story.

So…. I find myself single again in my early fifties. Time to do what I really want…. but what is that? I know that I want to find my own true love. Krishna and Radha are my inspiration. I send my prayers daily. With the help of the beautiful voice and words as interpreted by Krishna Das (and Match Dot Com) I found her. My querida. She is a queen. A lovely vision made for man…this man. I am captivated. She brings my dream…previously unknown to this mortal consciousness…to reality.

I wake up…. I am in the state of Kentucky … 14 barren acres, no fence… a house about to fall in on itself… AND 8 living breating eating moving fenceless sheep. Prmitive Sheep to be sure. But sheep none the less. And they need guidance.¬† I am ready. At least I think so…..

The adventure began in July 2007…These are my stories. Our stories.